2017 Board of Directors Expectations/Conflict of Interest Form

  • 28 Feb 2017
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Thank you for agreeing to serve as a member of the Main Street Association’s Board of Directors for the 2017 fiscal year (January 1 – December 31). Your work is important in advocating for the businesses, attractions and residences along our historic Main Street and beyond, along with preserving its heritage and supporting new growth.

A strong participatory board is critical to the success of the Main Street Association.  Therefore, we invite you to review and take seriously your role on the board.

These expectations shall be reviewed and affirmed each year at the Annual Meeting as part of the nominating slate. In addition, all members nominated to fill a board position shall receive a copy of the following expectations when asked to become a part of the nominating slate:

  • Be a dues-paying member in good standing.
    Payment of dues to be submitted by February 15thst of each year unless prior arrangements made with knowledge of President and/or Executive Director.
  • Attend at least 50% of MSA Board Meetings.
    If unable to attend, please send a designee (non-voting). Active participation includes responding to meeting announcements and reviewing meeting documents.
  • Actively participate with at least one MSA committee. 
    Currently these committees include:  Development; Finance/Personnel; Marketing; Progressive Dinner; Membership and Governance Relationships. Other committees may be established by the president
  • Assist in identifying and recruiting new MSA members.
    Board members may be asked to call upon prospective members, electronically, in person, or via writing.
  • Support MSA fundraising activities.
  • Purchase or sell a pre-determined number of raffle tickets or make a financial donation in equivalent amount; (2016’s requirement was purchasing or selling 5 tickets at $25 each)
  • Purchasing tickets and attending the Annual Progressive Dinner in October (with either a half (4) or full (8) table);
  • Ensuring that you and your guests come to the Progressive Dinner with a knowledge and possible support of other onsite fundraising activities will be held, such as a raffle or auction.
  • Operate with high ethics in mind by recusing yourself from any votes or other activities that might pose a conflict of interest for the organization, and electronically sign this document, which serves as the official Conflict of Interest form.

I have read and understand my responsibilities as a member of the 2017 Main Street Association Board of Directors. I commit to participating in these ways to the best of my ability.

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